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Where to go, what to enjoy and how to move are the questions which make people confuse when they want to visit to Vietnam. If you are having plan to visit Vietnam, you should read this article in order to find the best Vietnam tight budget tour before choosing the travel agents. When you don’t have enough free time to visit to all the beautiful and famous sceneries in southwestern of Vietnam, we suggest that you should visit to 6 places below.


Sai Gon Central – Ho Chi Minh city now

Surely, the first place is Ho Chi Minh City. This is the biggest city in Vietnam. Although you buy Vietnam tight budget tour, you will have a good chance to enjoy some special dishes and visit famous place. You not only stay at good hotel but also enjoy tradition meal at famous restaurant.






Legendary Cu Chi Tunnel Experiences

Vietnam tight budget tour from Sai Gon will introduce you the next fame place. Cu Chi tunnel is the second place which you should come to visit. Cu Chi tunnel also belongs to Ho Chi Minh city. It is not only famous in Vietnam but also wellknown in the world. It is difficult to find it because it is deep 50 meters under ground. When you visit to Cu Chi, you will see a lot of Vietnamese Hero’s Mothers. They live near Cu Chi tunnels and receive support from either government or charity organization.


Mekong Delta water way

Vietnam tight tour budget from Saigon will introduce you to the next place which has beautiful views in the southwestern of Vietnam is My Tho city. My Tho located in Tien Giang province. People consider it the heart to maintain the Mekong delta’ cultural. Arriving at Tien Giang, you have chance observe huge rice fields.



Holyland of Caodaism in Tay Ninh province

Vietnam tight budget tour will take you to Tay Ninh provice. This province which is famous for many kinds of rice paper. Trang Bang is the one of most famous rice papers in Tay Ninh.  Besides, Tay Ninh is a distribution network between Ho Chi Minh city and Cambodia and also an origin place of Caodaism





Ham Thuan Nam beach with clusters of rocks at Ke Ga lighthouse

Other place which be in Vietnam tight budget tour is Ham Thuan Nam. This place belongs to Binh Thuận province. Ham Thuan Nam has a lot of famous sceneries. One of best places in Ham Thuan Nam is Ham Thuan Nam beach. You will have chance lying on the fresh beach and listen to blowing of the wind. The second place in this area is Ke Ga lighthouse. It is famous for many clusters of rocks which are attracting travelers in general and foreigners in particular.





Ancient tomb at Long Khanh town

The cultural heritage which represents the ancient culture appearing 2.500 years ago is Cu Thach Hang Gon ancient tomb. In the tour program of Vietnam tight budget tour 6 days, you will stop at the Hang Gon Rubber Plantation in Dong Nai province to visit the ancient tomb which was discovered by French civil engineer Jean Bouchot in 1927 while working on a project to construct a road from Long Khanh to Ba Ria.



All in the 6 day tight budget package tour

All places above which are famous in southwestern of Vietnam. Moreover, buying Vietnam tight budget tour 6 days, you save a lot of money. Within 6 days in Vietnam, using Vietnam tight budget tour which helps you visit and enjoy the real Vietnamese life. In addition, you will have opportunity to experience culture, cuisine and Vietnamese. However, without having tour guide, you will face a lot of disadvantages because you do not know how to make conversation and how to find the good places. Especially, you come to southwestern Vietnam the first time, visiting all these places is the best choice for you.



Vietnam please tour is your tour operator

You would like to go to Vietnam solo travelers, it is ok. However, visiting to a remote area, you will face some problems, such as, languages, accomodations, transportations, cultures and others. You will spend on your time searching information before coming. There are dangerous problems which will happen when you are in Vietnam. The reason for which you should find Vietnam tight budget tour. You still save your money, you do not worry anything dangerous problems when you are in Vietnam. Would you like to know other information, please feel free to let me know at hue@vietnampleasetour.com

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